Marianna Newsam, OT

Dedicated to helping children, helping parents and, most importantly, helping parents to help their child!

Marianna  is a Developmental Consultant for parents, schools, teachers, organizations, organizations, therapists, and professionals.  She has helped thousands of children and adults achieve mastery of self and begin thriving in their environment.

Marianna uses a holistic approach to treating individuals with neurodivergent movement and behavior patterns that prevent them from connecting to themselves and others. She uses a neurological integrative approach that focuses on connecting the eyes to the body. She helps individuals achieve higher levels of regulation to allow for increased neuroplasticity and brain growth. Her unique studies of movement, sensory integration, neurology, and scientific research combined with 25 years of experience helping others to achieve their highest potential is unique and intuitive and extremely talented.

Marianna is on the educational advisory board for Moving Smart, NZ, a company that provides “perceptual movement training” and protocols that are taught throughout New Zealand in the preschool system. She is delighted to share her expertise and educate globally.

Marianna is a speaker for and member of The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. SBMT is a non-profit society organized for the purpose of encouraging basic and clinical scientists as well as engineers who are interested in areas of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients afflicted with neurological disorders. She has spoken on topics of neuroptometry/ophthalmology techniques and practices that enhance movement and learning.

In 2018, Marianna founded MNO Therapy, a private practiceOccupational Therapy center in Los Angeles, CA and served as owner/director where she works with other professionals and families to maximize neuroplasticity and brain growth in developing children.