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Our programs are designed by an experienced, licensed Occupational Therapist, incorporate sensory integration, neurological therapy, functional activity training and parent education to promote a whole body learning experience for your child.

Marianna Newsam, OT has 15+ years of experience and is skilled in providing Occupational Therapy services to children with many different needs. Your child will engage in therapy within a supportive, fun and balanced environment to address their unique needs.

Our open therapeutic environment encourages parents and children to observe and participate in all therapeutic sessions and we believe that parent understanding is key to your child’s success.

San Jose State University

licensed therapist

California Board Certified and licensed therapist with 25+ years experience with adults and children in hospital and educational systems.

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Online Sessions

Video consultation scheduled online to answer all questions and concerns.


Complete Privacy

Federal and State guidelines followed, HIPPA compliant.


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Marianna Newsam, OT

Marianna Newsam is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who is committed to providing the community with  Occupational Therapy services for children to help promote balance.

Plan your next session around:
- Parent Coaching
- Play Space Design
- Occupational Therapy Evaluation
- Cube Session
- Video home movement program

Marianna uses neurological, sensory integrative and functional training to assess and design treatment to meet your child’s INDIVIDUAL needs.

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